Apparition offer a melodic metal style featuring soaring riffs, energetic drums, passionate vocals and orchestral undertones. Over the years Apparition, and those part of our history, have supported some very well-known acts such as Delain, Revamp, Sirenia, Septic Flesh, and ex Nightwish singer Tarja Turunen, with all shows receiving great reviews. 2015 and 2016 has seen Apparition perform several live shows, including the Dames of Darkness Festival (UK), Metal Over Malta (Malta) and Kraken Festival (Belgium) and as support to Whyzdom in Paris, France, and Imperial Age (Russia) in the UK. The forthcoming album - THE AWAKENING - recorded, mixed and mastered at Hertz Studio in Poland by Slawek and Wojtek Wieslawski, leads Apparition into 2017 and marks the 20-year anniversary of Apparition. Apparition are: Fiona Creaby Paul Culley Ashley Guest David Homer Amy Lewis Apparition's History As a female vocal metal music project created by David Homer in 1997, many musicians have taken part over the years, not only as a studio project but also as a performing band and we would like to take some time to thank those who have been part of the journey along the way. In 1997, as a studio project, a demo called ‘The Pain Lives On’ was written and recorded featuring Rebecca Tibbit on vocals. 2006 saw the debut album ‘Drowned in Questions’ released featuring Annabelle Harris on vocals, Jen Lowe on keyboards/vocals and Richard Knight on guitar with Paul Collins on drums, along with David on bass. In 2008, an EP project 'Salvation' was undertaken introducing Fiona Creaby on vocals and Ian Bentley on keyboards with a video of the title song released shortly afterwards. 2009 saw the release of ‘Ghosts of The Past’ which is a compilation of old and new demo songs featuring Annie, Fiona and introducing Samantha Smallwood on vocals. In 2011, the next full album ‘For Vengeance…And For love’ was released. The album was recorded at Priory recording studios in England and produced by Greg Chandler (Esoteric singer/guitarist) and mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox studios in Finland. This album featured guest singer Mary-Ella on vocals along with Rob Swinnerton on drums and John Yates on guitar, with David and Ian. In 2013 former Seduce The Heaven singer Elina Laivera became the bands guest singer for 5 shows including Kraken Festival in Belgium. American singer Grace Meridan featured as guest singer for The Dames of Darkness Festival 2014. Nick Whitmore featured on guitars. In the summer of 2014 Apparition introduced Amy Lewis on Guitar alongside Nick and Ashley Guest on drums announcing Fiona Creaby as returning vocalist after 5 years away. In 2015 Paul ‘Kull’ Culley later took over from Nick as additional guitarist alongside Amy in 2015 to enhance the live sound. Along with David, this has been the touring line-up since 2015. 2015 saw writing begin for a new album featuring all current members. From the combined creativity of Fiona, Paul, Ash, David and Amy, the forthcoming album - The Awakening - was born at Hertz Studio, Poland, and then nurtured throughout 2016, with the release set for early 2017. 2017 and the release of The Awakening marks 20 years of Apparition history. Over the many years of Apparition history, all members extend their gratitude and deep thanks to our fans for their support and encouragement, and those who have contributed to Apparition musically since the beginning.
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Thanks for a great day of brilliant music (and Bez!) at the Robin. I am listening to the new album again right now and it is a stonker! Cheers guys and gals!
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A massive thank you to everyone who attended our launch show on Sunday at the The Robin 2. We are truly humbled and heart warmed by the enthusiasm, energy and support we felt during the day. It felt amazing to have so many people, hailing from near and far, coming along to help us celebrate the launch of The Awakening! It was just fantastic, thank you!

We are very grateful to Winter In Eden, Serpentyne, Control The Storm, Alice In Thunderland, and The Loved and Lost, who each played a storming set, for helping us present an amazing day – you all rock!

A big shout out to: Jim Beerman at TotalRock Radio for his lively band introductions during the day and support in promoting the event; Matt Bircher for the amazing job on sound and lights; Tayla Dickinson for bringing us some fantastic tunes during band changeovers. We are also very grateful to all those sharing their wonderful photos online – keep them coming!
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The Lyrics & Artwork for the Awakening are now available on the Apparition website.
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Happy birthday Amy Lewis - Guitarist